Frank Taal gallery



'Resonance' | solo exhibition Bram Braam (NL, 1980) in Frank Taal Gallery

We are proud and excited to invite you to Bram Braam's new, long-awaited solo exhibition. In May 2014, Frank Taal introduced this Dutch and Berlin-based artist to the gallery world with his first solo exhibition, 'How long is now? City of Tomorrow'. Presentations at fairs, in galleries, and on art stages throughout Europe followed, presented by various international galleries.

Bram Braam is a tracker. His hunting ground is the metropolitan landscape. There, he investigates man's influence on his environment and nature's role in this. He incorporates his findings into hybrid sculptures in which the built merges with the grown, nature and culture become intertwined, analog and digital alternate, and creation goes hand in hand with destruction. This field of tension creates a new fictional landscape that depicts a hypothetical future or the archeology of an alternative past.

Braam takes his game of interaction, contradictions, collisions, and fusions to a higher level in his new exhibition Resonance. This overall- installation is a sum of sculptures, wall objects, and prints in various media. As always, it is a balancing act at the cutting edge, where Braam pushes the multitude of ingredients to maximum expression, creating new forms and meanings.